As Your Buyer's Agent - This Is What I Can Do For You!

I have been a full-time Realtor since 1985 and have helped people purchase hundredsof homes throughout Metropolitan Denver! I look forward to putting all of my knowledge andexperience to work for you. Some of the ways I’ll be of service include:

  • I will search for all of the properties that fit your needs by using several resale andnew home information services available only to subscribing Realtors.

  • I will use my network of past clients and Realtors to locate properties that are notlisted.

  • I will only show you homes that meet your requirements and won’t waste your time onproperties you can’t afford or wouldn’t be interested in.

  • I do not have personal ties or fond memories concerning properties we will beseeing.I will answer all questions objectively, pointing out any known plusses orminuses in a particular home.

  • I am familiar with local lending institutions, know how much down payment will berequired and what the approximate monthly payments and closing costs will be.

  • I will provide the names of professionals that other clients have used when buying ahome (inspector, appraiser, surveyor, attorney, insurance agent, etc.).

  • I will work closely with you, showing you every available property that meets yourspecifications.I will never "high pressure" you into buying something that you're notcompletely satisfied with.

  • I can show you resale as well as new homes throughout Metro Denver and give youobjective, unbiased information and feedback.

  • If you choose to buy a resale home, I will write the purchase offer and negotiate onyour behalf as aggressively as permitted by law.If you choose to buy a new home, thebuilder’s representative will fill out the builder’s own unique purchase contract formand I will negotiate on your behalf.